First World Thankfullness

22 Nov

Everyone knows about , right? Here’s my list of “First World” things to be thankful for because I’m obviously thankful for my family, health, etc.

1. Sliding doors on my Honda Odyssey
2. Aveda inner light Mineral Dual Finish foundation
3. My new boots
4. iPad
5. crewcuts
6. Co-op purchases of awesome toys for my kiddos
7. Awesome family portraits
8. Diet Dr. Pepper and a drive through fast food place on my way to everywhere I need to go
9. the Internet
10. Gingersnaps


Saturday mornings

5 Nov

Every Saturday morning Audrey and I drive the 5 minutes it takes to get into the cityfor her ballet lesson. I adore getting her dressed in her pink ballet clothes and tights and fixing her hair. It takes me back to my childhood and I remember my mother doing the same thing to me.

After lessons we walk across the street to the farmers market. We have our routine. First fancy lemonade then a breakfast taco and a treat – usually a brownie for her. We sit on the patio and listen to music while we eat. She runs around, dancing to the music, snacking between songs. She always saves half of her brownie for her brother, even though he’s with Daddy doing boy things.

My heart is full. These mornings are everything I dreamed of and make the struggle to get here hardly worth mentioning.


3 Nov

So you know how sometimes life gets crazy? I do.

It’s been a while since I’ve written. In the time Finn has weaned, unweaned, grown, has gotten 100% more verbal and went trick or treating. Audrey is officially a kid, not a baby. We’ve been to Disney World, someone other than one of us has put the kids to bed and we flew our last flight with Finn as a lap child. I want to post more about weaning/unweaning, Disney, discipline and Halloween photos later. I have something brewing in my head about my work situation that I need to get out.

Finn’s birthday party is next weekend. I can’t believe he’s going to be 2. Audrey and I are going to our first ballet together on Sunday. She’s going to be so very excited.

More to come.

Quick post (because I want to win a Keurig :)

8 Sep

Check out this giveaway!

I’ve been wanting a Keurig for a loooong time.

I need to blog more. Once things settle down at work I have a bunch of things to document.

I’m obsessed with this song.

7 Jul

If I had a shred of song writing talent I’d like to think that this is what I would have written since “they” tell you to write about what you know.

Edie Brickell – Waiting for Me

you call me up on a saturday night
half intoxicated with a crazy bunch of guys
say you’re at a party and i really oughta come
then you hold the phone up so that i can hear the hot drum beat

if you’re waiting for me
you’ll be waiting for a long time

i don’t wanna leave the heart of fun and happiness
i don’t wanna walk away from love and tenderness
i’ll be on the sofa watching rented videos
i’ll be getting closer to the one who satisfies my soul

if you’re waiting for me
you’ll be waiting for a long time

i have up and changed my ways
things will never be the same

it isn’t like i’m missing out on anything tonight
happy as can be i got my babies by my side
one day i will turn around and they will all be grown
the they will be going out and won’t be staying home with me

if you’re waiting for me
you’ll be waiting for a long time

i have up and changed my ways
things will never be the same

We’re in!

5 Jul

My footloose and fancy free days of being homeless are over.  We FINALLY closed on our house around 11 am on Friday.  The movers brought in the last of the boxes around 8 pm.  What a relief.

We got a babysitter for Saturday morning so we could get some stuff unpacked and put away without the monkeys underfoot.  She brought the kids back around 12:30 and they napped until 4 pm!  A dear friend that I will eternally be grateful to took the kids Sunday morning so we actually had a pretty productive weekend.  Yesterday was a bust in the unpacking/moving department but it was lovely to have a family day in the midst of the chaos.

We’re back to the grind today but with a much shorter commute.  I freaking love our little house and have woken up with a sense of peace I haven’t felt in a long, long time.  We have a long road ahead of us with the planned renovations, etc. but at the end it’s going to be wonderful.  And hopefully we’ll get a little more water pressure. 🙂

Pissed off.

22 Jun

We are supposed to close on our new house on Tuesday.  Todd was just over there yesterday to meet with the security system people to get a quote and he discovered that all of the landscaping – plants, sod, small trees, etc. is dead.  It appears that the sprinkler system has not been turned on since they accepted our offer.  Our realtor called their realtor to remind them of the clause in the contract stating the property must in in “as is” condition.  They told her that they don’t care.  WTF, people?

We had a local company go over there this morning to get an estimate to have it resodded and it’s terribly expensive.  Not to mention the amount of watering that it would take to get the sod to “take”.  And we’re in the midst of a drought so we’re not even ALLOWED to water that much.  Our realtor gave them the quote and told them that we need a final answer today.  They can’t back out of the contract at this point but we can.  I don’t know what to do – I love the house but hate how difficult they’ve been all along.  This might just be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.  The house needs SO MUCH work and this is just one more thing that we’ll have to do…  Sigh.