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Diaper Stash 3.0

1 Mar

Rambling thoughts about getting organized to start using cloth at daycare.

I have:

5 Thirsties: Blackbird (print), Meadow, Storm Cloud, Mango, Ocean
3 Applecheeks: Cherry Tomato, St. Lucia, Mrs. Robinson
6 BumGenius Elemental/Organic: White, Grasshopper, Twilight (2), Clementine, Moonbeam
1 Bumgenius: white random
4 GroVia: Kiwi, Vanilla, Seaside Stripes, Airplanes
2 Monkey Snuggles fitteds – Polka Dot Pup, Baby Pirates, Chocolate Chip Cookie (hoping to sell these soon)
3 Goodmama: Robots, Fuzzy Ooga, Blue Ooga
1 Twinkie Tush: Bella’s Field

SBish Sprout Longies
SBish Carbon Soaker
MS Longies

I think I need another 5-6 Thirsties for school. They’re easy to use, I don’t have to worry about taking our the inserts at home and they’re pretty affordable. I need 2 pail liners, a trash can and that should do it. I’m planning to send him in an AppleCheek or BG Elemental in the morning and then have them use the aplix diapers during the day. We typically use the fitteds for overnight – I’d like another 1-2 of those once I sell the Monkey Snuggles (they just don’t fit him well). I’m so excited about not having to buy disposables anymore. Canceling that subscribe and save subscription will be a great thing!


This is really rubbing me the wrong way.

2 Feb

This article was posted on Facebook yesterday by Natural Parenting: Can Working Parents be AP?

The article itself is fine. Nothing earth shattering but perfectly fine.  The comments on Facebook blew my mind.  I can’t believe there are people out there that actually believe that working parents mothers can’t practice attachment parenting (please note that dads seem to get a free pass – it’s okay if they work.  Not mothers though – they’re crucified for making that choice.)

I’ve been a working mom since MM turned 4 months old and I returned to work.  Sadly, my boss at the time was not open to a nontraditional work schedule so full time it was.  There was a small school across the parking lot from my office so we opted to use them for MM.  I was able to visit with her on my lunch break to nurse and play with her – it was as good as it gets.  I would have rather have been home with her but that wasn’t in the cards at the time.  My husband works in the mortgage industry – the market crashed right after she was born.  Thinking about relying solely on his income made me nervous so we did what we had to do.  I’m secure with my decision and I don’t think anyone could point a finger and say that MM does not have a secure attachement to her family.  She made sure of it by never, ever sleeping for the first year of her life 🙂

I hate the mommy wars.  The judgement.  The name calling.  If it take a village then why do so many women try so hard to burn the village down? 

I took  MC to the eye doctor yesterday.  We waited for an hour and a half during which I was reprimanded by another mother for letting him climb up onto a child sized chair and pull a bead maze thingy closer to him so the edge was hanging off of the table.  The mother told me that the maze was going to fall on him.  *I* wasn’t worried about it and didn’t really see the big deal – it’s not like it weighed a ton or was really big – it just would have made some noise.  She was clearly judging me for my neglectful ways.  I didn’t really care. 

I’m far from perfect and certainly do my own fair share of judging other mothers but I like to think I know enough to keep those thoughts in my own head.  It’s probably good that I’m an older mother – I know my discretion in my younger years wasn’t nearly as fine tuned.  But then again, Facebook didn’t exist so my opportunity to make the world at large feel like crap would have been limited.

Cleaning House

13 Jan

I don’t know if it’s simply this time of year but I’m suddenly overcome with the urge to clean house. Not just in the literal sense (though goodness knows my home desperately needs a deep clean) but also at work, socially, etc. I feel like our lives are once again spinning out of control and I need to bring it all back together again.

I need to streamline. And organize. And label. But it’s hard to do that with two little ones under foot. It seems like just when I get waist deep into a project someone wakes up, needs to be fed or just wants some mama time. It’s hard for me to say no since I know there will be many days ahead where it will be me wanting time with the kiddos and them saying no but at the same time MY needs aren’t being met. Is there even a solution to this dilemma?

My hours at work have been so off for the past 6 weeks. Between sickness, travel and holiday stuff I haven’t worked a full schedule and consequently haven’t gotten a full paycheck. MM’s birthday party is approaching and while I’ve had lots of ideas I’m having to streamline things a bit. Total bummer (for me. Kids won’t notice.)

MC has been sick this past week with another ear infection. Poor dude. I confess that the snuggles make my heart melt but I hate seeing him look so puny. He definitely turned a corner yesterday and slept a TON during the day. He’s back at school today and I’m hoping he had a good day.

We’re going to look at 2 houses again tomorrow. I’m hoping we find something we love so we have the inspiration to get our house whipped into shape to put on the market. There’s so much stuff to purge but it’s hard to find time to do it when everything else in life is moving so fast. I need a pause button. STAT.


13 Oct

I have a fairly big project at work this week.  I won’t bore you with the details but my to do list has been firmly lodged in the back of my head since yesterday morning.

One of my biggest struggles as a working mom is switching my brain back and forth between mom brain and meeting planner brain.  I try to keep things separate but it’s impossible.  While I’m feeding MC at 3 AM (and 4 and 5:10 and 6:20) I’ve been thinking about email that need to go out and follow up phone calls.  While I’m at work checking and composing those emails I’m thinking about laundry and diapers and what to pack in the lunch boxes tomorrow.  It’s no wonder I can’t get anything done.

I try to use the drive from school to work to clear my mind, make note of kid related tasks that need to be accomplished and get my work brain in the game but one of the most appealing aspects of the school is its close proximity to my office.  Ha!

I NEED to get stuff done today.  I need to get off of the internets.  I need a nap.