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10 on Tuesday

1 Feb

Yikes – this was saved as a draft from 12/6. Oops.

1. Today is St. Nicholas day. The kids were delighted with their present filled shoes this morning. The umbrellas were the run away hit. I’m certain that means the rain is all going to stop.
2. I’m burned out. On everything. Yes, it might be the time of year or the gloomy weather we’ve been having but I’m tired, I feel like I’m without direction and I don’t know what to do about it.
3. I have mixed emotions about Christmas this year. We’re not traveling (yay!) but we’ll be spending our first holiday without any other family (boo!). I want to start some kind of family tradition but I’m not exactly sure what to do yet.
4. I’m still overthinking baby #3. I’m obsessed. I need to accept that there isn’t a right/wrong answer and a decision date is static. And I can change my mind. This is hard for me.
5. Finn is seriously the cutest guy ever. His belly is delicious and he’s at that age where everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious. He’s still in full on separation anxiety mode and that’s hard. We had a good week of school drop offs and a good morning today but it comes and goes.
6. Audrey is waffling between utter sweetness and demonic possession. Almost 4 is hard, y’all! She is in turn so empathetic, helpful, selfish and deaf. I love how she loves but man, her stubbornness is a killer.
7. There’s some exciting house possibility stuff on the horizon that I’ll write more about later.
8. Nana and Bapi were here for Thanksgiving. I love how the kids just pick right up with them as if it hasn’t been months since we last saw them. I know it makes them feel good too. We had a wonderful visit of building bears, going to the zoo, farmer’s market and general hanging out. Todd and I even got a date night out of the deal!
9. I want to go back to Disney. We got our photopass CD in the mail last week and I can’t help but long for another visit. I still need to write about the trip. Soon?
10. Finn is 2! Another post I need to get to. The firetruck party was a blast for him. I can’t believe he’s 2. The days are long but the years fly by, no?



3 Nov

So you know how sometimes life gets crazy? I do.

It’s been a while since I’ve written. In the time Finn has weaned, unweaned, grown, has gotten 100% more verbal and went trick or treating. Audrey is officially a kid, not a baby. We’ve been to Disney World, someone other than one of us has put the kids to bed and we flew our last flight with Finn as a lap child. I want to post more about weaning/unweaning, Disney, discipline and Halloween photos later. I have something brewing in my head about my work situation that I need to get out.

Finn’s birthday party is next weekend. I can’t believe he’s going to be 2. Audrey and I are going to our first ballet together on Sunday. She’s going to be so very excited.

More to come.

I’m obsessed with this song.

7 Jul

If I had a shred of song writing talent I’d like to think that this is what I would have written since “they” tell you to write about what you know.

Edie Brickell – Waiting for Me

you call me up on a saturday night
half intoxicated with a crazy bunch of guys
say you’re at a party and i really oughta come
then you hold the phone up so that i can hear the hot drum beat

if you’re waiting for me
you’ll be waiting for a long time

i don’t wanna leave the heart of fun and happiness
i don’t wanna walk away from love and tenderness
i’ll be on the sofa watching rented videos
i’ll be getting closer to the one who satisfies my soul

if you’re waiting for me
you’ll be waiting for a long time

i have up and changed my ways
things will never be the same

it isn’t like i’m missing out on anything tonight
happy as can be i got my babies by my side
one day i will turn around and they will all be grown
the they will be going out and won’t be staying home with me

if you’re waiting for me
you’ll be waiting for a long time

i have up and changed my ways
things will never be the same

We’re in!

5 Jul

My footloose and fancy free days of being homeless are over.  We FINALLY closed on our house around 11 am on Friday.  The movers brought in the last of the boxes around 8 pm.  What a relief.

We got a babysitter for Saturday morning so we could get some stuff unpacked and put away without the monkeys underfoot.  She brought the kids back around 12:30 and they napped until 4 pm!  A dear friend that I will eternally be grateful to took the kids Sunday morning so we actually had a pretty productive weekend.  Yesterday was a bust in the unpacking/moving department but it was lovely to have a family day in the midst of the chaos.

We’re back to the grind today but with a much shorter commute.  I freaking love our little house and have woken up with a sense of peace I haven’t felt in a long, long time.  We have a long road ahead of us with the planned renovations, etc. but at the end it’s going to be wonderful.  And hopefully we’ll get a little more water pressure. 🙂


21 Jun

I started to write this a week ago. I can’t wait until things settle down a bit!

Our house has been sold and we’ve moved into temporary housing until we can close on our new house. The condo is not awesome but it’s just for for another couple of weeks week. The kids are doing surprisingly well given how tense the grownups have been. I don’t remember the house buying process being so complicated last time. I’ve spent hours on the phone requesting letters from seemingly every single credit card company/bank in the world telling our lender that I don’t owe them any money. It’s crazy!

Speaking of crazy, work is finally settling down. Last week was a board meeting, an executive seminar and a golf tournament. My in box is out of control right now – I’m looking forward to getting that all straightened out.

Right now, the light at the end of the tunnel is a trip to Disney in October. We have to go to Miami for a wedding in the middle of the month so we figured that we might as well add a few extra days onto the trip since F will be free and we’re already buying plane tickets. If you want to read some crazy check out the Dis Boards (.com). Who knew vacation planning was so overwhelming?! I’m so excited for A – she’s going to flip. She’s very into the whole princess thing right now – we watched Sleeping Beauty the other night and she’s hooked.

In other news we had our first trip to the ER. A stuffed a bead up her nose and we couldn’t get it out. We hit the pediatrician first hoping they might be able to help but we were shuffled over to the children’s hospital in pretty short order. The waiting wasn’t so bad but I hate how stressed she was about the whole thing. They had to give her a sedative to calm her down. I’ve never heard her scream like that before. It didn’t take long once they got us into a room and everyone was fantastic to deal with. I’m thankful that we were there for something as benign as a bead up the nose as opposed to something far more serious.

10 on Tuesday

17 May

1. We have a contract on a house! The same 2 bed/1 bath I mentioned previously. We met with an architect and I’m totally excited about doing an addition and making it just right for our family.

2. We asked if we can move in on 6/1 even though we won’t close until 6/28. No word yet. I really, really hope they’re open to it – I’m dreading moving once let alone twice.

3. F’s sleeping still sucks. He’s get his canine teeth (I think that’s what they are anyway – the ones right before the molars) and they’re giving him a hard time. He’s also biting at school on a fairly regular basis. This is not a fun time.

4. Our most recent family portraits are amazing. Seriously. My most favorite of all the pictures Mollie has taken of us. My heart gets all gooey when I look at them.

5. Packing. I don’t even know what to say aside from “packing sucks”. Hard core. My mom is coming in this weekend for A’s dance recital – I’m hoping we can get a lot done while she hangs out with the kids.

6. I’m the backstage mom for A’s class at the recital. I can’t even tell you how giddy I am over this. A photographer friend came over to take pictures of her in her costume – it was adorable beyond words. I’m 90% sure she’s going to freak out on stage but man, she was excited to wear a tutu and some “make up”.

7. She’s doing swimming lessons now too. Busy girl, huh? I took her to her first lesson last night and she did great! She’s not psyched about getting her face wet or going under but she did it a couple of times. The lessons are 4 days this week and 4 more days next week – I’m hoping that will at least have her comfortable in the water at the end.

8. There’s no denying it. I have to get F’s hair cut. It looks awful. I’m the fence – do I take him to my salon (that’s where A goes) for a good first cut or to a kids place where I’ll get the corny keepsake stuff? Maybe I’ll ask on Facebook….

9. I have grand intentions of having a garage sale the weekend before we move. Want to bet we end up donating everything instead because we’re not organized enough?

10. I really need to get going on a to do list. I feel like time is getting away from me. I need to add “get anti-anxiety meds” to my to do list.

10 on Tuesday

19 Apr

1. I spent the weekend meeting a bunch of internet friends in Chicago. No kids. No husbands. Just a bunch of girls. It was fabulous and so, so much fun. Our group has been together for TEN years. It started as a spin off of a popular wedding planning website and took on a life of its own. We now have our own forum, are Facebook friends with each other and have met many members face to face but this was the first time a major get together came to fruition. It was amazing.

2. Did I mention Chicago? I can’t even tell you how awesome it was to go back. Since we moved to Austin I’ve only been back once before this weekend. A lot is still the same. No major changes to the skyline unlike here. A lot of the retail downtown has moved around but all in all it was exactly as fabulous as I remembered. Except for the weather 🙂

3. I missed the kids something fierce. I made the conscious decision not to bring my pump and it worked out fine. I had to hand express a bit Sunday night but otherwise it wasn’t too bad. Two nights away was just enough time – I would have been super sad if I’d have stayed another night.

4. F did pretty well without Mama there. Apparently he woke up once each night and slept in later than usual. While I’m glad there weren’t any major issues I’m kind of ticked that I get the short end of the sleeping stick. He woke 3 times for me last night and got up at 5:30. Daddy came up after he heard the crying, took F downstairs with him and the little stinker went back to sleep until 6:30. There are going to be some changes made in our sleep routine, I just need to figure out what they are.

5. I missed the Easter egg hunt but the pictures were adorable. F had a blast, of course. He picked up 2 eggs and stood around shaking them like the egg shakers in music class. Too cute.

6. A is aware that Easter = candy. And there’s nothing she likes more than candy! She is my daughter, after all.

7. We booked our flights for PA and will be spending Mother’s Day weekend up there. I’m super excited to see my family – we haven’t been up that way since July of last year. Nana will be down at the end of May for A’s dance recital so we’ll be getting a lot of family time next month.

8. I don’t know how we lived without a water table for so long but O.M.G. the kids are CRAZY about it. They’ll splash in that things for almost an hour – it’s glorious and adorable. The best is watching F try to drink out of it like the dog. Silly boy.

9. We’re getting the kids pictures taken on May 1 then I think it’ll be time for F to get a haircut 😦 I’m hoping it’ll still be curly but honestly, the ends are a mess. I will weep, I know it.

10. Still no offers on our house. Now that T will be working from home having the extra space is probably a good thing but damn, this is a bummer.