I’m a 35 year old mother of two.  Audrey is my 2.5 almost three 3.5 year old drama queen.  Finn is my 9 month almost one year old 19 month bundle of love.  They are my world.

We live in Austin, TX where I’ve lived with my husband for the past 6 years.  Prior to that we lived in Chicago about 3 blocks from Wrigley Field.  Moving to Texas was quite a lifestyle change.  I went from taking the L to owning a minivan in a matter of years.

I’m a survivor of infertility.  I used to blog about it at www.makesometimeforwasting.blogspot.com  I still have survivors guilt and count my blessings daily (or more often).  I subscribe to the tenents of attachment parenting and love to talk about it.  I don’t love to talk about how tired I am but sadly, that seems to come up pretty often.

I work outside the home (WOTH) three days a week as an event planner.  I love it and the balance it’s brought to my life (see above – tenents of attachment parenting).  Want to talking about breastpumps and dragging 10,000 bags in and out of the house every morning?  I’m your girl.

I cloth diaper, cosleep/bedshare, babywear, breastfeed, watch too much trashy TV, eat too many donuts and bite my nails.  I’m trying to change some of those things (I’ll leave you to decide which).

Any questions?  Drop me a line – cnapierk@me.com  I’d love to hear from you!


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