17 Apr

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about having another baby.  (As if that isn’t totally obvious)  All of the reasons on my “Let’s do it!” list are things that I wanted to do with my other babies that I didn’t get to do (home birth, cloth diaper from the beginning, etc).  I LOVE babies.  I will always love babies.  I could probably have 17 babies and I will likely still have pangs in my ovaries when I see another new baby.  That is not a good reason to reproduce though.

Our life is fantastic with the two children we have.  They are a delightful mess and we are already bursting at the seams in our little house.  Yes, that will get better once the work is done on the house but still, I am bursting at the seams.  We don’t have family nearby – maybe our story would be different if we did.  We have to travel a great distance to visit anyone and dude, that’s a small fortune with 4.  5 would be over the top.  

I’m looking at this in a positive light.  I can move on now.  I can get rid of the baby stuff.  Clean out all of the bins of clothing and only keep the favorites.  Sell the stroller.  Let it go. 

It feels better than I thought it would.  It helps to have the sweetest pair of kids alive.  


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