10 on Tuesday

1 Feb

Yikes – this was saved as a draft from 12/6. Oops.

1. Today is St. Nicholas day. The kids were delighted with their present filled shoes this morning. The umbrellas were the run away hit. I’m certain that means the rain is all going to stop.
2. I’m burned out. On everything. Yes, it might be the time of year or the gloomy weather we’ve been having but I’m tired, I feel like I’m without direction and I don’t know what to do about it.
3. I have mixed emotions about Christmas this year. We’re not traveling (yay!) but we’ll be spending our first holiday without any other family (boo!). I want to start some kind of family tradition but I’m not exactly sure what to do yet.
4. I’m still overthinking baby #3. I’m obsessed. I need to accept that there isn’t a right/wrong answer and a decision date is static. And I can change my mind. This is hard for me.
5. Finn is seriously the cutest guy ever. His belly is delicious and he’s at that age where everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious. He’s still in full on separation anxiety mode and that’s hard. We had a good week of school drop offs and a good morning today but it comes and goes.
6. Audrey is waffling between utter sweetness and demonic possession. Almost 4 is hard, y’all! She is in turn so empathetic, helpful, selfish and deaf. I love how she loves but man, her stubbornness is a killer.
7. There’s some exciting house possibility stuff on the horizon that I’ll write more about later.
8. Nana and Bapi were here for Thanksgiving. I love how the kids just pick right up with them as if it hasn’t been months since we last saw them. I know it makes them feel good too. We had a wonderful visit of building bears, going to the zoo, farmer’s market and general hanging out. Todd and I even got a date night out of the deal!
9. I want to go back to Disney. We got our photopass CD in the mail last week and I can’t help but long for another visit. I still need to write about the trip. Soon?
10. Finn is 2! Another post I need to get to. The firetruck party was a blast for him. I can’t believe he’s 2. The days are long but the years fly by, no?


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