Pissed off.

22 Jun

We are supposed to close on our new house on Tuesday.  Todd was just over there yesterday to meet with the security system people to get a quote and he discovered that all of the landscaping – plants, sod, small trees, etc. is dead.  It appears that the sprinkler system has not been turned on since they accepted our offer.  Our realtor called their realtor to remind them of the clause in the contract stating the property must in in “as is” condition.  They told her that they don’t care.  WTF, people?

We had a local company go over there this morning to get an estimate to have it resodded and it’s terribly expensive.  Not to mention the amount of watering that it would take to get the sod to “take”.  And we’re in the midst of a drought so we’re not even ALLOWED to water that much.  Our realtor gave them the quote and told them that we need a final answer today.  They can’t back out of the contract at this point but we can.  I don’t know what to do – I love the house but hate how difficult they’ve been all along.  This might just be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.  The house needs SO MUCH work and this is just one more thing that we’ll have to do…  Sigh.


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