10 on Tuesday

12 Apr

1. T got a job offer and accepted! I’m beyond excited. It’s a work from home position with a large bank HQed in my hometown. He’ll have to go for some training and I’m hoping to turn it into a family trip. More money, great benefits and a real life bonus plan – woot!

2. Kiddos have both been sick. F threw up for the first time Friday night. Poor baby was still in such great spirits – you wouldn’t even know he was sick. He was fine when he woke up in the morning but we still took it easy on Saturday. A threw up last night – same as F. She’s home with Daddy today and is reportedly acting like her usual crazy self.

3. The girlie and I had girls night on Sunday and went to see the Knuffle Bunny show at the Paramount Theater. We had a great time and even went for pancakes (her choice) after.

4. I’m flying to Chicago on Saturday for my first ever girl’s weekend! No kids, no husbands – just lots of drinks and sleep. I’m nervous but so, so very excited. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go but checked airfare at the last minute and was shocked at how reasonable it was. I leave Saturday and return first thing Monday morning. Just enough time to get a little break.

5. I have no idea what to do about nursing. I don’t think I’ll need to pump and honestly don’t think I’d get anything anyway. I’m a little worried about getting engorged though. I figure I’ll nurse F before I leave and hope for the best. Eek.

6. The house is still on the market. We dropped the price a bit last week and have seen a little up-tick in the number of showings. The house across the street from us just popped back onto the market with a price that’s 20K less than ours. It’s not as “upgraded” as ours but that’s still going to hurt when people are looks at neighborhood comps. We’re in a small holding pattern with T’s new job anyway but it’s still a major bummer.

7. Not sure what we’re doing for Easter. I was thinking about doing an egg hunt at our house and inviting some friends over but with me going to Chicago that’s not going to happen. I was sort of hoping we’d make it down to Miami – girlie is missing her grandma like crazy and we had a blast last year – we’ll have to see. I love that she remembers Easter last year. Kiddos growing up isn’t all bad 🙂

8. I’m getting a haircut AND COLOR!!! on Friday. I can’t remember the last time I got a professional hair color and I need it badly. A is getting her haircut while I’m away on Saturday. T loves her hair short and in a little bob – not sure what I’m going to come home too. F is probably due for his first cut but I can’t bear the though of him losing his curls.

9. Work is kind of blah right now. Things are about to pick up so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can.

10. A’s dance recital is next month! I’m entirely too excited about it. She’s not 100% sold on her costume – I’m hoping she’ll come around by recital time.


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