29 Mar

We have a lot of stuff right now – both tangible and not. We were able to get a self storage unit for the tangible stuff to clear it out but that doesn’t work as well with the other.

We still haven’t gotten an offer on the house. It’s only been a month and I know we need to be patient but it’s starting to get stressful. Showings are slowing down – only one the whole weekend. The good news is that they’ve asked for utility bills – they wouldn’t have asked if they were seriously interested, right? I’m crossing my fingers that they make an offer (a really good offer!) and we can move onto the next stage of figuring things out.

We’re hoping for some good news on T’s job situation by Monday. Again, hoping for an offer (a really good offer!) so we can move onto the next stage.

I’m relieved to have gotten rid of so much stuff at the consignment sale this weekend. I made a LOT of money on stuff that was just cluttering up the storage unit, our garage and closet space in the kids’ rooms. There are a few things I sort of wish I held onto but by and large I’m so, so glad it’s all gone. And I’m $850 richer for it 🙂

Kiddos are good. MC is chatting up a storm now. I need to write down all of his words – maybe later or tomorrow depending on the workload.


One Response to “Stuff”

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