Diaper Stash 3.0

1 Mar

Rambling thoughts about getting organized to start using cloth at daycare.

I have:

5 Thirsties: Blackbird (print), Meadow, Storm Cloud, Mango, Ocean
3 Applecheeks: Cherry Tomato, St. Lucia, Mrs. Robinson
6 BumGenius Elemental/Organic: White, Grasshopper, Twilight (2), Clementine, Moonbeam
1 Bumgenius: white random
4 GroVia: Kiwi, Vanilla, Seaside Stripes, Airplanes
2 Monkey Snuggles fitteds – Polka Dot Pup, Baby Pirates, Chocolate Chip Cookie (hoping to sell these soon)
3 Goodmama: Robots, Fuzzy Ooga, Blue Ooga
1 Twinkie Tush: Bella’s Field

SBish Sprout Longies
SBish Carbon Soaker
MS Longies

I think I need another 5-6 Thirsties for school. They’re easy to use, I don’t have to worry about taking our the inserts at home and they’re pretty affordable. I need 2 pail liners, a trash can and that should do it. I’m planning to send him in an AppleCheek or BG Elemental in the morning and then have them use the aplix diapers during the day. We typically use the fitteds for overnight – I’d like another 1-2 of those once I sell the Monkey Snuggles (they just don’t fit him well). I’m so excited about not having to buy disposables anymore. Canceling that subscribe and save subscription will be a great thing!


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