A morning in the life of MM

17 Feb

MM woke up (or rather, never went to sleep but finally made enough noise that we heard her) at 9:30 pm last night.  She wanted her daddy to sleep with her.  Daddy is a sucker for his girlie and brought her downstairs and get her settled into the big bed.  She was up and down most of the night – starving.  I’m pretty sure she’s growning again since she was complaining that the inside of her legs hurt.  Poor love.

I had to wake her up for school this morning.  That’s never a good thing.  I crawled into her bed and rubbed her back until she opened her eyes.  She was grumpy but a quick round of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” made her smile.  She was super excited to see what Daddy picked for her to wear to dance class and fervently hoped it was all pink (it was) so she excited to head downstairs to get dressed.  Especially once she heard MC squacking.

At that point we had 5 minutes to leave the house to get everyone where the needed to go on time.  MM lives in her own time zone.  Rushing that girl is pointless.  I gently pointed out that we were in a hurry and she cooperated.  “Okay, Mama!”

I got her tights on and she did her leotard with just  a little help.  Sadly, she ate all of the breakfast food overnight so we were going to have to drive through “The Farm” (code for McDonald’s – like “Old McDonald had a farm” – get it?) to get her a biscuit and apple juice.  We got in the car and took off, MM chattering all the way.

Her first request was to hear “Carry Up Away” better known as “Carry That Weight” by the Beatles.  She told me she sang that song to MC when he was a tiny baby and at the hotel.  While yes, we did stay in a hotel when he was a tiny baby I don’t recall her singing that to him but it still made my heart melt.  I love when she sings softly to herself to the music on the radio.  9 times out of 10 she knows the words better than I do.

We got to the Farm and were very excited to see “dump tractors”.  I got her the biscuit and apple juice she requested and she was a happy girl.  Naturally, she wanted to do the straw herself 🙂  She spilled a little juice on her tights which had the potential to send her into a tizzy but instead she asked for a napkin and reassured me (and herself, I think) that “It will dry, Mama.  Don’t worry!”

We continued our way to school and she finished half of her biscuit.  She thanked me “This was really yummy, Mama.”  We had an incident a few days ago where I did her straw for her and she threw a fit. I explained that if she tells me that she wants to do the straw then I will know not to do it for her but I can’t read her mind.  I told her it made me sad that instead of saying thank you when I handed her the drink she screamed and that has really stuck with her.  Love. 

I dropped both kiddos off at school.  We take MC to his room first and MM finds a toy that he can play with while I get him settled with his teacher.  It warms my heart that he dives into Miss L’s arms.  She seems to adore him and always has a funny story for me.

We headed down to MM’s room.  She was greated by her circle of friends who her all so excited to see her.  We saw them at the window as we walked to the front door and I could hear their little voices shouting with excitement.  MM was shy with all the attention she was getting and wanted me to hold her.  We put her bag in her cubby and she hugged me so hard.  I put her down and wished her a great day and she gave me a giant smooch. 

It’s so hard to leave her on days like this.  The sweetness, the love, her little smirk.  I hope we have another morning like this tomorrow and we can spend the whole day laughing, cuddling and enjoying the sweetness.


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