Cleaning House

13 Jan

I don’t know if it’s simply this time of year but I’m suddenly overcome with the urge to clean house. Not just in the literal sense (though goodness knows my home desperately needs a deep clean) but also at work, socially, etc. I feel like our lives are once again spinning out of control and I need to bring it all back together again.

I need to streamline. And organize. And label. But it’s hard to do that with two little ones under foot. It seems like just when I get waist deep into a project someone wakes up, needs to be fed or just wants some mama time. It’s hard for me to say no since I know there will be many days ahead where it will be me wanting time with the kiddos and them saying no but at the same time MY needs aren’t being met. Is there even a solution to this dilemma?

My hours at work have been so off for the past 6 weeks. Between sickness, travel and holiday stuff I haven’t worked a full schedule and consequently haven’t gotten a full paycheck. MM’s birthday party is approaching and while I’ve had lots of ideas I’m having to streamline things a bit. Total bummer (for me. Kids won’t notice.)

MC has been sick this past week with another ear infection. Poor dude. I confess that the snuggles make my heart melt but I hate seeing him look so puny. He definitely turned a corner yesterday and slept a TON during the day. He’s back at school today and I’m hoping he had a good day.

We’re going to look at 2 houses again tomorrow. I’m hoping we find something we love so we have the inspiration to get our house whipped into shape to put on the market. There’s so much stuff to purge but it’s hard to find time to do it when everything else in life is moving so fast. I need a pause button. STAT.


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