Catching Up

4 Jan

Wow. We’re back. It’s been a crazy two weeks since I last wrote – things kept coming up and I’d try to make a mental note to write about it but getting to a computer or other device that didn’t require typing on a tiny touch screen was impossible. Here are some bullet points:

* Christmas was wonderful. Both kids had a blast ripping into their presents.
* Flying was uneventful. No pat downs, no extra radiation. It was a nonevent. The airports were relatively quiet and we were only delayed by two hours getting into Miami.
* Christmas dinner was nice! We ate later than expected (of course) and it was difficult keeping up with the kids in a non baby proofed house but it was wonderful to be surrounded by family.
* I’m so glad that I’m still nursing MC. He was totally overstimulated by the time we got to Christmas Dinner at Aunt L’s. He cried the whole way from the airport to her house 😦 It was so nice to be able to settle down with him in a big comfy chair and feed him while he curled up in my lap. Honestly, it was such a mama moment for me – I will never forget it.
* I slept practically two days straight at MIL’s house. My sinuses are still aching but my cough is much better. I’m so thankful that we were somewhere that the kids were distracted and we had extra hands helping us. My body needed the rest and for once I was able to give in!
* MM is having a tough time with things. She’s so emotional these days, I worry for her. She’ll have hysterical crying fits and can’t seem to tell us what’s wrong. Her appetite is off and she’s barely eating which makes her even more prone to mood swings. I hope that now we’re back to school/work that things will settle down and we’ll get back into our groove.
* Music class is a hit! The kids are signed up for the winter session of Music Together – they both love it. I’m so happy to have an activity out of the house that they can both participate in together.
* Plans are underway for MM’s birthday party. I made a Happy Birthday banner for her and dropped off the invitations at school this morning. We have a few more that have to go out in the mail then we’ll just wait for the RSVPs. Next on my list: find a pink princess rainbow cake. No big deal, right?

It was so nice having time off but it’s good to be back!


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