23 Dec

MM is just about three. Two years, eleven months and three days to be precise. This is the most wonderful time of the year to have an almost three year old despite her bi-polar tendencies and ability to transform into a screaming harpy at the drop of a hat.

Seriously though, she’s magic. She’s so smart and sassy and dramatic. She sings all of the time and worries her sweet little heart about her brother when she’s not with him. She’s so insanely excited about Christmas – I can’t wait.

Since we got married we alternated which family we spent Christmas with. The year I was pregnant with MM we stayed home (I was 37 ish weeks) and it was glorious and sad all at once. This year we’re leaving for FL on Christmas day after we do our own present opening extravaganza. I’m very excited to see my inlaws – so is MM – but I wish we weren’t leaving until Sunday. I want to bask in the magic of my own little family and lounge around in my PJs eating cinnamon rolls until it’s nap time. I don’t think we’ll travel next year. MC will be 2 – right at the cusp of understanding the awesomeness of Christmas and MM will be almost 4. It breaks my heart to think of missing out on the big family celebration that comes with traveling to PA but that’s part of moving away and starting a family somewhere else.

It’s a tough decision either way but it’s not something I need to stress about now. Right now I have to find a pink present that’s filled with keys. MM has been talking about that for days so I need to make it happen.


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