Diaper stash update 2.0

22 Dec

Thirsties Duo Diapers: Blackbird (print), Meadow, Storm Cloud, Mango
Applecheeks: Cherry Tomato, Orange Zest, St. Lucia, Mrs. Robinson
BumGenius 3.0 – White
Butterbears: Blue tiedye

BumGenius Elemental/Organic: White, Grasshopper, Twilight (2), Clementine, Moonbeam


BumGenius Flip – Sweet (lt. green)
Econobum – white w/Blue trim
GroVia: Kiwi & Mandarin (both are on their way back to Grobaby for warrenty repairs), Vanilla (2), Seaside Stripes, Airplane print on the way
Bum Essentials: Red, Yellow

Happy Hempy 2
Monkey Snuggles – Polka Dot Pup, Chocolate Chip Cookie (overnight)
KissaLuv Organic

SBish Carbon Longies
SBish Carbon Soaker
SBish Mocha Soaker

We just started using cloth overnight again. So far, so good – no leaks! I’ve used an Applecheeks cover with the bamboo flat, a Happy Heinys Stuffin’ and a hemp doubler laid sideways in the front with great success. Last night I used our lone 3.0 with a newborn MF insert, HH Stuffin with the little insert sideways. I can’t wait to use the wool once my fitteds all arrive. I have store credit with Abby – I’m thinking about trying a 4.0 to see how I like it.

I’m still on the fence with taking cloth to Florida this week. I think once I start packing and see how much room I have left in the suitcase the decision will be made.


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