21 Dec

MC took his first steps last night!

It was right before bedtime and Daddy and I were in his room. We were attempting to put some clothes away and sneak the last of the presents out of MC’s closet. Daddy found a little rubber ball in the clothes basket and held it out for MC to grab. Dude pulled himself up holding onto the bed (he doesn’t really ever stand independently) and walked himself a few steps to Daddy to get the ball.

Of course, I missed it. I was lounging on the bed lamenting over how tired I was. Grrrrrr. But he did a repeat performance and took a couple of steps my way too. Naturally, I wept. What else is new?

I don’t get it. He only stands when he’s holding onto something. I assumed he lacked the balance/coordination to stand on his own. And yet we had walking. Leave it to MC to skip right over the part that involves standing still.


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