Black Friday/Cyber Monday

1 Dec

Is there a cutesy name for the days following BF & CM when the postman/UPS driver/FedEx driver deliver all of the goodies? Terrific Tuesday. Wonderful Wednesday. Thankful Thursday. Fabulous Friday.

I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping but I did get caught up in some of the fantastic cloth diaper related deals. So far I’ve received:
1 – Flip Cover (sweet – lt green)
2 – Flip Inserts
1 – Vanilla GroVia shell set
4 – GroVia soakers
3 – samples of Rockin’ Green Hard Rock in Mighty Might Marshmellow

I’m waiting on a Jingle Bell Rock package from RNG and a Cotton Babies grab bag – I hope these will come in shortly.

Sort of cloth diaper related, our cleaning lady misplaced 2 of my dryer balls. 😦 I’ve been wanting to get a couple of more anyway so I figured I’d give DIY a shot. I went to our local craftstore and picked up some wool yarn and got to rolling. So far, so good. The 3 that I made are in the dryer now and are hopefully felted and ready for a load of newly arrived fluff that needs to be prepped. Woohoo!


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