30 Nov

Friday is MC’s one year well check. I cannot tell a lie – I’m nervous.

Prior to MM being born I had very little experience with children. All I know is her babyhood. It’s difficult not to compare your children, especially when you haven’t been surrounded by many.

By 12 months MM had over 20 words. She could stand by herself. She could communicate. MC has maybe 3 words and has only stood for about 2.3 seconds on his own. He can drink out of a cup but will only swallow a tiny bit. Getting him to take any kind of medication is an exercise in frustration for everyone.

I know that’s all normal for a 12 month old but I’m still worried. I’m familiar with so many sensory processing disorders and my mind keeps going there even though there’s no real reason. Mother’s intuition? I hope not. I hope that in three months I’m laughing at myself for my concerns as my little guy runs across the room chattering at his sister. I know there are a lot more worrisome things happening in the world but if you don’t mind hanging onto some hope with me I’d appreciate it.


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