Not gentle parenting, gentle…friendship.

22 Nov

I have a hard time walking the line between sharing my experiences, philosophies and what works best for my family and being that pushy busy body that you don’t want to hang out with. Here’s a good facebook example:

Friend A: Anyone have a sling or carrier I can borrow on Thursday?
Me: I do! Let’s meet up today at the park and I can show you what I have and how to use it.
Friend B: Be careful, A. It will probably be made from organic wheat flour and hemp.
Friend C: I love my Bjorn but baby is about to outgrow it.
Me: Actually B, hemp is great! C – if you’re looking for something Bjorn like that you can use longer check out a Beco or an Ergo. A little spendy but totally worth their weight in gold. You can even use it when baby is a toddler. I loved mine for traveling especially blah blah blah blah blah.

Why can’t I just quit while I’m ahead?


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