Update on diaper stash

4 Nov

I’ve been able to sell off a bunch of my least favorites.  This is what I have left:

Thirsties Duo Diapers: Blackbird (print), Meadow, Storm Cloud, Mango

Applecheeks: Cherry Tomato, Orange Zest, St. Lucia, Mrs. Robinson

BumGenius Elemental/Organic: White, Grasshopper, Twilight (2), Clementine, Moonbeam

GroVia: Kiwi, Mandarin, Vanilla, Seaside Stripes

Butterbears: Blue tiedye

Bum Essentials: Red, Yellow

That’s 21 diapers, not counting the additional GroVia & Bum Essentials inserts that can be used if the shells are okay.  That should be plenty considering MC is in disposables Tues-Thurs and overnight most of the time.  Right?  Then why am I itching for a Chocolate Espresso AppleCheeks and one of the new GroVia prints once its released.

So much for saving money by using cloth!


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