Happy Halloween!

2 Nov

Having an almost three year old on Halloween is just about the most awesome thing ever.  MM was *so* excited.  She was a rock star, hitting  just about every house on the cul de sac without complaining.  She’s still a little young to realize that chocolate is way tastier than a pink lollypop but that’s fine by be.  Mama can take care of the chocolates thankyouverymuch.

The kids were all adorable.  Our ‘hood did the same kind of block party as last year.  Sweet H and his parents came over as well – the kiddos were Pebbles, BamBam & a baby dinosaur and were absolutely scrumption. 

In other news, MC is still killing me with his crappy latch.  I got a script for APNO and it seems to be doing wonders but I hate, hate, hate cringing every time that poor baby wants some milk.  I’ve just about quit pumping altogether which is glorious but I think I’m going to come up short with my frozen stash before he hits 12 months.  Need to address that issue with myself and probably start back up again for another week or so.  I also need to make a follow up appt with the ped to take another look at the poor guy’s ears. 

I almost forgot how cute 11 months is.  The baby “uh oh!” is precious and I love it.  He’s also added “dog” to his list ‘o words.  Still no mama though.  Grrrrr.


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