More drivel.

26 Oct

The anxiety is coming and going and I can’t figure it out.  What I can tell you is that my house is a disaster – even my messiness threshhold has been exceeded.  If you’ve seen my house you know that’s really, really bad.

In other news (well, not really news) I’m doing some stuff for me.  Laser hair removal on my chin, hair straightening (more on this later) and I’m contemplating joining the Board for T.F.M. (more on that next week).

Hair straightening: one of my AP friends used to do hair before she had her daughter.  She’s now back to salon work on a limited basis and she was running a promo for braz.illian blowouts.  I had it done last night and so far I really like it!  I haven’t washed it yet – that’ll be the true test – so I don’t know if it’s as low maintenece as they say but I really hope so.  I feel better about myself when I look like a professional adult and not like a disheveled, unkempt, ponytail wearing slacker. 

It was a long process so we had plenty of time to talk – we’re going to try to get the kids together for a zoo trip soon.  She has another friend that has similar parenting views – I’m hoping that this might be my new friend network once B. moves away.

I haven’t pumped all day today and I didn’t go see MC at lunch.  I have a day trip to Houston tomorrow and I’m hoping to avoid pumping if possible.  MC took a big bite out of my left nip and it STILL hurts.  I foolishly/lazily let him nurse with a bad latch during one of his many wakeups last night and I think it made the wound worse.  Ugh.  I need the sleeping/night nursing thing to get better and I’m afraid the only way to make that happen is to put an end to cosleeping.  I’m so conflicted over this whole thing.  I love sleeping with him.  I love nursing him.  I do not love the constant exhaustion.  He has an ear infection right now.  We’re supposed to go back to the ped in a week or so for a follow up – if he has a clean bill of health at that point I think I’m going to try the crib with me in bed next to it to see how it goes. 

Why did I ever think he was an easy baby? 😛


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