13 Oct

I have a fairly big project at work this week.  I won’t bore you with the details but my to do list has been firmly lodged in the back of my head since yesterday morning.

One of my biggest struggles as a working mom is switching my brain back and forth between mom brain and meeting planner brain.  I try to keep things separate but it’s impossible.  While I’m feeding MC at 3 AM (and 4 and 5:10 and 6:20) I’ve been thinking about email that need to go out and follow up phone calls.  While I’m at work checking and composing those emails I’m thinking about laundry and diapers and what to pack in the lunch boxes tomorrow.  It’s no wonder I can’t get anything done.

I try to use the drive from school to work to clear my mind, make note of kid related tasks that need to be accomplished and get my work brain in the game but one of the most appealing aspects of the school is its close proximity to my office.  Ha!

I NEED to get stuff done today.  I need to get off of the internets.  I need a nap.


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