7 Oct

When I woke up this morning I checked my phone for missed calls, texts and emails.  I was delighted to see that I missed a text around 5:00 am from one of my girlfriends – her daughter was born.

My daughter was also born in the middle of the night.  I remember being at the hospital and holding her knowing there wasn’t a soul in the universe that knew she was alive aside from my husband and me (and our doula, the OB, the nurses, etc.  You know what I mean.).  It was the best secret ever.  I was nearly bursting to share the news with my family but there was something special about those few hours where we could just soak in the babiness of her without having to share anything – even the knowledge of her existence – with anyone else.

With my son it was different.  For one – I had the care of my daughter to worry about.  That took some coordination with various family members and out of town travel.  My sister was staying with us with her youngest so obviously they knew we were heading to the birth center when that all went down.  Social media was different as well.  I updated my Facebook page when I was in labor.  The whole world (well, my friends anyway) knew. 

Regardless, both births and the hours following were so special and personal and magical.  I hope my friend makes a point to soak it all in.

New motherhood.  There’s nothing like it!


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