Here I am.

26 Sep

It’s been a while. Things have slowed down at work so I’m hoping to get settled into a regular blogging routine. In the meantime I’ll kick things off with a snapshot of what’s been going on.

MM: almost totally potty trained. She napped in underpants today and woke up dry! She’s totally rocking the whole underpants thing and is absolutely adorable as she scoots herself onto the toilet. It involves tiptoes, skootching one butt cheek onto the potty at a time and wiggling. Awesome.

She’s taking a dance class at daycare one day a week. She loves it. She’s doing really well at school! I was nervous because they moved to a new building, her favorite teacher left the her two BFFs moved up to the three year old room. The director approached me to see if I wanted to move her when up as well – she was only 2.5 and would be the youngest in her class. She’s doing great and is learning so much! I’m so proud of how sweet and compassionate she is.

MC: also doing awesome. I had to go out of town last week for four nights. That was the first time I left MC overnight and the second time for MM. MIL came in to help Daddy and they all survived. MC did NOT wean which was my biggest fear. He did come down with a double ear infection and a heinous diaper rash in my absence but seems to be recovering nicely.

I need to strip his diapers. Any advice? I have some RLR on its way – hopefully that will do the trick. He’s been out of cloth for two weeks now and I’m missing the fluff.

He’s fully immersed in baby led weaning and loves his food. His favorite is frozen peas/carrots. I can’t believe how much he eats – it’s crazy. He’s up to 7 teeth now and is really, really fast on all fours. No consistent words yet but he babbled constantly. Sleep is still crap. I’m trying to start the night with him in his crib but I really do miss the snuggling.

As I mentioned I was out of town for four nights. It was hard to be away, especially the pumping. I had no idea what to aim for in the freezer so I set my sights on 200 oz. It was more than enough – they went through 120 oz. I brought about 60 home with me so i still have quite a bit to fall back upon.

MC is up and hungry. Gots to go.


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