Diaper Stash

9 Sep

This post is more for keeping me organized than for anyone’s reading pleasure.  I’m tying up some loose ends with a work conference.  Real blogging will commence toward the end of the month.

My stash:

Rumparooz – Lazy Lime

Bum Essentials – red & yellow

AppleCheeks (size 2) – tomato, St. Lucia, Mrs. Robinson, Orange Zest

Thirsties Duo Diapers (size 2) – Mango, Meadow, Storm Cloud, Blackbird

BumGenius 3.0 – Grasshopper (L), White (L)

BumGenius 2.0? – White (os)

BumGenius Organic AIO – Clementine, Twilight (2), Grasshopper, Moonbeam, White

GroVia – Kiwi, Mandrian, Vanilla, Seaside Stripes

Fuzzibunz – Aqua

Knickernappies – Chocolate

Bottombumpers – Aqua (trying to sell)

Butterbears – blue tie dye

Smartipants – lt blue, lt green


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